StitchBuddy for Mac

StitchBuddy for Mac comes with a full-functional trial version, which can be tested 50 times before purchasing a license is required. Even if you don't register the stand-alone app, its plugins (for Quick Look previews and Spotlight searches) remain functional, and can be used for free.


  • Change individual thread colors, or replace the entire thread palette.
  • Reorder, combine and split threads.
  • Select from several different manufacturer thread charts. A preferred thread chart can be set as default (auto conversion)
  • Copy and paste, rotate, flip, move, resize or delete selected stitches or the entire design. Center the design or add basting stitches with a single click.
  • Extensive display options include zooming, 3D stitch display, show or hide jump stitches, show or hide the first and last stitch, design center, or stitch structure. Supports millimeters or inches as measurement units.
  • Extensive printer options including actual size templates.
  • Easy export of designs to USB media, while eliminating hidden OS X files that embroidery machines do not recognize.
  • Copy designs to the clipboard or drag them to other applications in either TIFF or text format. Drag'n'Drop support to create JPEG images in Mac OS X Finder (and other applications)
  • Multiple levels of Undo while editing.
  • Display embroidery files directly in the Finder (as icons and detailed previews), in Mail and other apps.
  • Search with Spotlight for embroideries based on their attributes: height and width, the number of stitches and colors; use “Smart Folders” as an efficient way to organize your files in the Finder.

Look at the feature overview to learn more details and compare the different StitchBuddy products.

StitchBuddy for Mac can be downloaded here.