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I receive many user feedback, including a lot of suggestions for new features. While I will not reveal content of personal emails without the author's permission, here are some approved comments or reviews before StitchBuddy has been offered in Apple's Mac App Store, Please visit its App Store product page for more recent reviews::

"If you only work with purchased designs, then StitchBuddy is all you need for the Mac. It's the single best tool I've ever found for working with Janome embroidery designs, and that includes all of the ones available for the PC. [...]" - Jim Stutsman

"I just love that you have made my life so much simpler with StitchBuddy. I've got all this EXPENSIVE elaborate PC stuff and none of it just simply shows my designs before I open them up. I was just starting to embroider when I first got StitchBuddy for Mac and it was a wonderful tool for my craft then. Now I have thousands of designs which I have to manage in files on the Mac but having downloaded StitchBuddy View into my iPad and iPhone, I can see my favourite designs easily [...]" - Judy (by email)

"This is a very reasonably priced program. I am very pleased with the editing features. It will baste, center, resize, rotate, reverse, flip, & combine designs or parts of designs and it will alter each thread color or the entire palette. [...]" - Sandra D.

"I'm glad I get to learn using his software. This is THE solution for people who want to use their Mac for embroidery programs. Oh, and if you own a Janome machine, his program is even more beneficial to you because that's what his wife owns so he has integrated more features for Janomes. But I do love my Brother LB6800. And now I heart StitchBuddy. [...]" - Amy K.

"While I still have some learning to do with StitchBuddy, I have been very pleased with it! Thank you so much for filling this software niche! I would have given up on embroidery had I not discovered your StitchBuddy!" - Joy (by email)

"[...] So I went in to your site to see and yes I fell in love with StitchBuddy and my new Mac. I literally love your program. I almost buy a windows based program that was just a look-at-designs program for almost 4 time the cost of StitchBuddy and all the features were outdated. - I could not be happier." - Karol (by email)

"I have used StitchBuddy on my Mac for nearly 4.5 years now. It is the single most important viewing software available for any platform. I can see my files so wonderfully, and do some editing as needed also. The feature I love best is seeing all my files zip past in the top screen as I am looking for just the perfect design. It has worked flawlessly. I highly recommend StitchBuddy for anyone who enjoys machine embroidery!" - Jan (on Facebook)

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