10th Anniversary


Happy Birthday, StitchBuddy!

At January 4th, 2008, I released the first version of StitchBuddy's predecessor.

JEFview was a QuickLook plugin, originally written to preview designs of my wife's brand-new Janome MC350e on the Apple iBook she was using. JEFview was a free download, and because of many user requests it was followed by PESviewQL for Brother embroidery machines. I combined both plugins and created StitchBuddy, supporting more file formats and offering editing functions.

Over the years StitchBuddy has become a mature solution to work with embroidery files on Apple computers, iPhones, and iPads, and viewing designs is still provided for free. I spent hundreds of hours, designing, analyzing, and writing many thousands lines of code, and it still is a fascinating hobby to me.

But StitchBuddy would not be the same without you, giving me great feedback, encouragement, and a lot of community support … Thank you!

If you are interested in some more background info about StitchBuddy's history, I recommend to browse through its news archive and version histories (macOS, iOS). And if you like StitchBuddy I'd appreciate your rating or review in Apple's App Stores.