In-App purchases on macOS - fixed

The last days I released two bugfix versions of StitchBuddy for Mac: In-App purchases of StitchBuddy Pro were ignored if a customer had requested a refund for a former purchase and after that bought StitchBuddy Pro again. Honestly, I didn't test this constellation properly, but with the help of the affected customer - sending some extensive logging - I was able to identify and fix the issue with StitchBuddy v2.19.3.

Maybe this release was a quick shot because when reviewing related code I found that under rare conditions StitchBuddy Pro might not be considered as available in a customer's App Store - although it is. I'm confident this potential issue was fixed with StitchBuddy v2.19.4, although a final confirmation "from the field" is still missing.

My apologies to all users affected by those bugs … I appreciate your error reports and your patience and support during the analysis.