StitchBuddy v3.0 - more creative!


StitchBuddy v3.0 is introducing first digitizing capabilities! Add shapes as outlines or fills to your embroidery designs…

I just published StitchBuddy's new major release, introducing a feature often requested and long awaited: It took me a year to design, develop and test, but finally with StitchBuddy v3.0 you can create simple shapes using some vector drawing capabilities. These shapes can be outlined with running or zigzag stitches, or filled with Tatami patterns. Additional information about defining shapes and how to outline / fill a shape is published in two dedicated FAQ articles, and please enjoy a series of video tutorials as a preview or to learn the details.

As this is StitchBuddy's first step into digitizing I'd like to learn about your experiences - good and bad - so every feedback is highly appreciated: It helps me to further improve the app, and I'd like to work on more digitizing features to come.

StitchBuddy v3.0 is available in Apple's Mac App Store and - although it's a leap forward - a free update for all customers.

Enjoy …. and be even more creative!