Add lock stitches / reverse stitch order


With StitchBuddy v3.2 some improvements were introduced, especially for working with shapes: Lock stitches can be added before and after jumps to avoid dissolving designs, and the stitch order of a selection can be reverted.

  • Adding lock stitches (and their stitch length) can be set in the app's preferences as a global setting. Once enabled - which is the default - lock stitches can be manually added to selections, too.
  • The stitch order of selected stitches can be reversed, for example to shorten jump stitches. Depending on your embroidery machine and its trimming capabilities this might be an improvement.

As another improvement of StitchBuddy v3.2 you can rotate selections by mouse, the context menu keeps selected stitches and is more consistent, and a lot of minor improvements and corrections were incorporated

Here is a video tutorial about the new capabilities, which are provided as a free update for all StitchBuddy customers.