StitchBuddy HD for iPad released

The last months it was pretty quiet, wasn't it? Actually I was really busy working on a new version of StitchBuddy. This time I didn't add some feature, but … a new device: StitchBuddy runs on iPad!

A tablet is not a powerful computer, for sure, and modifying large designs might be beyond its capabilities. Personally I don't want to digitize or change single stitches on a tablet, but what about all these purchased designs you might want to tweak a little? Wouldn't it be great to look at them on the go or sitting on the couch? To change some colors, combine some designs, and share the result by email? I think it would be cool, and now you can: StitchBuddy HD is available on the App Store, and can be purchased for only USD 29.99. Learn more about its features in this video.

StitchBuddy HD uses the same core functions as the Mac app, which was updated, too: With the new version (v2.4) you can easier identify single stitches even if 3D effects are turned off.