Minor bugfixes

Tonight, after one week "Waiting for review" a minor bugfix of StitchBuddy HD was approved by Apple. It addresses some issues that were identified by a customer using specific PES files. So far unknown color codes were included in these files, and selecting these caused the app to crash. Thanks for your help, Di!

Additionally I made some changes to improve the performance on the new iPad's Retina display. Here's a list of all changes:

  • Leading / trailing jump stitches are not included into selections
  • Performance improvements for Retina displays.
  • Enhanced PES support (additional color codes).
  • Fixed: Corrupted grid at some zoom levels on Retina displays.
  • Fixed: Crashes caused by unknown thread colors.
The Mac application StitchBuddy benefits from some of these changes as well, so a minor update to version v2.4.1 was released today.