Bug fix and 64 bit: v2.7.1 released

Directly after releasing v2.7 users have reported a problem with "barely visible" and unresponsive views on iOS. I had thoroughly tested the app with iOS 7.0 & 7.1 on several devices without even similar issues, and could not reproduce the error ... After a while reviewing recent changes based on some screenshots showing the error situation, I was able to identify the reason.

Yesterday I submitted v2.7.1 of both iOS apps, and requested an expedited review from Apple, hoping for a fast approval... The update v2.7.1 was released this night, and first users are reporting the bug being fixed! In addition I incorporated 64 bit support for new devices (like the iPad mini Retina). Wow, what a weekend...

Version 2.7 renews all products

Today I released version StitchBuddy v2.7, renewing all iOS and the Mac applications, including Quick Look and Spotlight plugins. Although you can find comprehensive descriptions of all changes in the version histories (Mac, iOS), here is a short overview:
  • Gallery with subfolder support (iOS)
  • Designs can be opened in other apps (iOS)
  • X-ray view shows underlays when selecting stitches
  • Madeira Rayon thread colors added
  • Support of JEF+ file format (read-only)
  • Support of Janome MC 9900 (new hoops)
Update your apps for free, either from StitchBuddy's download page (Mac) or in Apple's App Store (iOS).

Are you already using subfolders in StitchBuddy's application folder on Dropbox, e.g. as an archive of designs? Please move these subfolders out of StitchBuddy's Dropbox folder before updating the iOS versions.

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Preview of subfolder support on iOS

Starting with version v2.7 StitchBuddy HD / View will support subfolders, including Dropbox synching; here is a short demo of this release, which is announced for March, 2014: Preview of subfolder support on iOS.

New release v2.6

Starting with v2.6 StitchBuddy requires iOS 7

Both iOS apps, StitchBuddy View and StitchBuddy HD, have been redesigned to meet the flat user interface of iOS 7. These changes come with some minor improvements e.g. a better display performance and support of single-stitch selection on the iPad (details can be found in the change history). But more important is the fact, that starting with v2.6 both apps require iOS 7. It just became to much effort to support older iOS versions in parallel as Apple has changed a lot under the hood. In addition I lack the required testing devices to ensure proper quality checks with older iOS versions.

Update your apps for free or download StitchBuddy View / StitchBuddy HD from the Apple App Store. Please share your opinion at Facebook, and support StitchBuddy by leaving a rating / review in the App Store.

Happy Thanksgiving!

STBHD 65 off
StitchBuddy HD is permanently reduced to USD 9.99!

I know that a lot of you would like not only to view, but to edit embroidery designs on your iPad, upgrading from the free version to StitchBuddy HD. And I also know that this purchase is not an easy decision with a tight budget (like most of us have). So finally I decided to drop the price of StitchBuddy HD significantly:

Starting today with a new iOS 7 version StitchBuddy HD is sold for only USD 9.99 (65% off!), with free updates. And this is not a one-time offer, but a permanent price reduction, so please enjoy and share this info with others!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!