Toolbar Renovations

StitchBuddy's next minor release is coming soon, and while its main intention is support for Janome MC500e hoops, I'm using this opportunity to renovate all toolbar icons of StitchBuddy (Mac): They were only grey-scaled versions of the original images, and didn't serve well, especially in context of the iOS-style as introduced with OS X Yosemite. Now I'm changing all icons to match Apple's design:


The effect is quite impressive, especially on high-resolution displays. What do you think…?

StitchBuddy v2.10.4 (Mac)

Save as
I just released StitchBuddy for Mac v2.10.4 as a minor bugfix release: As mentioned the "Save as…" dialog preselected the wrong file type when saving a design, which often resulted in a converted file (if the user confirmed the wrong selection). This issue is fixed. In addition I improved the recognition of writable file types, which sometimes prevents saving a design using the "Save" command although StitchBuddy could write the corresponding file type. Registered users can download the new release for free.

Edit: Please download again if you're facing problems with lost preferences / license codes in this version! I've provided an emergency fix.

"Save as..." with wrong file type

Some users reported that StitchBuddy would save PES files in the JEF file format, and I was surprised by this problem as there is no function in StitchBuddy to auto-convert any file formats.

Today I investigated further and - at least - could identify the problem:

I found out that until StitchBuddy v2.9.1 the „Save as...“ dialog preselected the current file extension (e.g. PES) when prompting for a new file name, while since StitchBuddy v2.9.3 its default is the first file format of the list, which is JEF. This happens without any related code changes in StitchBuddy, so it seems Apple has changed some of their libraries in the meantime, and I wasn’t aware of this behavior. So StitchBuddy doesn't convert PES to JEF on its own, but preselects an incorrect file type in the "Save as..." dialog and - after the user's confirmation - converts the file.

Quite inconvenient and I will work on it! Until a solution you need to change the file type manually when using the „Save as…“ option.

Edit: Apple, that's not funny: After I rebuilt StitchBuddy with the current version of Apple's developer environment (Xcode), the problem disappeared ... so it seems they found and fixed it in the meantime. Good that I can provide you a fix within the next days, but bad as I wonder what they might have broken, now. I will perform some more tests before uploading a new StitchBuddy version for OS X.

OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"


For those of you who are waiting excitedly for Apple's release of OS X 10.11 aka "El Capitan" today: The current version of StitchBuddy for Mac is compatible with the new OS, including its plugins.
By the way: the same is true for StitchBuddy's iOS apps and iOS 9...

StitchBuddy v2.10.3

The last update is some time ago, but finally I released StitchBuddy v2.10.3 for all platforms with some enhancements like
  • Selection of background color (iOS)
  • Background colors can be printed (optional)
  • PDFs are created rasterized or vectorized (iOS)
  • Stitch optimization improved
  • VP3 import fixed (for old files with thread offsets)
  • Context menus work with <Ctrl> + left mouse click (OS X)
More details can be found in the version history on StitchBuddy's website (OS X, iOS).

StitchBuddy v2.10.3 is a free update for all registered users, and can be either downloaded from the corresponding Download page (OS X), or (after Apple's approval in a few days) updated in Apple's App Store (iOS).

Please leave a comment at Facebook, a rating / review in the App Store, and spread your opinion about StitchBuddy by word of mouth.

Have a wonderful July, 4th!