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Starting with version 2.12.0 StitchBuddy for Mac is exclusively distributed via Apple's Mac App Store, providing an even better user experience: With one click you can download and install the free version, which updates completely automatically. This version offers all functions, but can only save designs up to 1,000 stitches. And if you decide to buy the unlimited StitchBuddy Pro version after your test, registration is only another click away and without delays instantly active.


The following download link points to an outdated version of StitchBuddy. It is provided for existing customers who don’t want to update to the App Store version mentioned above. New customers need to download the free trial version from Apple’s Mac App Store as I don’t provide any new license codes.

Terms of use: Please read and accept the enclosed license agreement before installing and using StitchBuddy.

Stand-alone application including the Quick Look and Spotlight plugin. To install the application follow this step-by-step installation instructions. The trial version expires after 50 tests (both included plugins remain functional without a registration).