Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to repurchase StitchBuddy HD for updates?

Updates of iPad apps are free by definition. So if you've purchased an app, and its developer releases an update, the AppStore app on your iPad will indicate the pending update with a badge on the AppStore icon. Then you can open the AppStore app and download the update for free (although you have to enter your iTunes credentials).

For a developer there are only two ways to charge for new functions: The first option is to publish a completely new app. A few companies did that in the past, offering several different versions of strictly speaking one single app (e. g. Pro, Light, Standard, ...), but fortunately not many companies did. Definitely nothing I will do! The second option is to offer added functions as "in-app purchases" (IAP): Users can still update for free, but to use the extended functions these have to be bought separately within the app. Starting with StitchBuddy v2.15 I made the download a free trial and introduced IAP to unlock a limitation when saving designs. The effective price of StitchBuddy HD remained the same, and former customers were getting the IAP for free.

So long story short: If you decide to purchase StitchBuddy HD you don't need to wait for any update, you'll get these for free ... BTW, I've offered free updates of the Mac version for the last four years, too.