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FAQ - Can't open JPX from Mail / Safari

"In Mail / Safari Janome JPX files are only shown as question marks, and can't be opened with StitchBuddy HD"

Unfortunately the support for JPX files is not as smooth as I wanted it to be: As a matter of fact the file extension ".jpx" is already reserved by another file type: JPEG 2000, a graphic file, so Janome made a bad decision using the same extension for their embroidery designs. As a result OS X and iOS are trying to open Janome JPX files as graphics, and fail…

On iOS 5.x iTunes File Sharing is the only way to import JPX files, it won't work from other apps like Mail or Safari. For iOS 6.x I was at least able to tweak Mail, so JPX attachments can be imported into StitchBuddy using the "Open With" function.