This article is outdated since StitchBuddy v2.12.0, but kept for reference

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download, install and register StitchBuddy?

Just copy StitchBuddy to any folder you like and you’re done. It’s that easy.

The application includes both plugins for Quick Look and Spotlight. If you’ve installed these plugins separately, delete the old versions now as they might conflict with the included ones. Information about the plugins’ locations can be found here: (StitchBuddy-QL, StitchBuddy-MD).

If you need some more detailed instructions, just read on:

  1. The application can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Your web browser will place the file at an appropriate location, e. g. Safari uses "Downloads" in your user's folder, but this depends on the browser you use and its settings.
  2. Also depending on your browser and its settings the file may be uncompressed automatically or you have to double-click it. Afterwards there will be a new folder called "stitchbuddy..." at the same location as the downloaded file. This folder contains two PDF files with the license agreement and a third icon: an embroidery machine, which represents the application StitchBuddy.

  3. As "Downloads" is more or less a temporary location, I recommend to drag & drop StitchBuddy in another folder. The default location with Mac OS X is the "Applications" folder, but you can choose any one you like. Dropping something into the "Applications" folder requires administrative rights, so you might be asked to authenticate with an administrator's password when doing so.

  4. Now double-click on StitchBuddy‘s icon to start it. The first time Mac OS X will ask you for a confirmation before launching the application, which is a security feature of Mac OS X.

  5. After you started an unregistered copy of StitchBuddy, the registration reminder will appear.

    Wait 20 seconds and then dismiss it by clicking the "Evaluate" button (after 50 trial runs the evaluation period ends and you must register StitchBuddy to use it). Don't try to select a menu item before closing the reminder: They will be grayed out.

    Now the open dialog of StitchBuddy appears and you can browse to an embroidery file and open it.

    In StitchBuddy’s preferences the automatic open dialog at startup can be disabled.

  6. If you want to buy a license click on the “Buy” button: your web browser will be directed to PayPal to purchase a license.
  7. You can enter your license key in StitchBuddy’s preferences or at the registration reminder: Enter both, the name and the code exactly (!) as I sent them to you (you might want to copy & paste them from the registration mail). The text under both input fields should turn to black and prove the license code to be valid. The next time StitchBuddy will launch without a registration screen or delay.
If you're stuck at any point of these instructions, send me an email where and with which problem, so I can figure out what went wrong.

To deinstall StitchBuddy, just move the application and its preferences into the trash, that’s all.

This article is outdated since StitchBuddy v2.12.0, but kept for reference