Frequently Asked Questions

Toolbar buttons stay gray / designs can not be modified

Some users were unable to modify designs with the corresponding toolbar buttons grayed-out. This is no limitation of the trial version, which is full-functional, but just a step they missed when modifying designs:

It is important to understand that StitchBuddy is working on stitch level when applying modifications to a design. Whenever you want to change something (flip, rotate, move, delete, even copy), you have to tell StitchBuddy first, which part of the current design (which stitches) should be altered. So first you make a selection using one of four tools:

You have menu commands to select the whole designs, revert or reset a selection, and you can hold modification keys while clicking / dragging to add selections („Cmd") or to unselect a part („Shift“).

After making a selection, which is highlighted in red, all corresponding toolbar buttons / menu commands will become active … except the „Center“ option, which stays grayed out if a design is already centered.

There is a dedicated chapter in StitchBuddy’s in-app help regarding stitch selection, and you might find some of the video tutorials on its website helpful.