Frequently Asked Questions

PES size limitations

The maximum size for PES v1.0 files is 5"x7" (130 x 180 mm) with 50,000 stitches.

Unfortunately embroidery machine vendors are not willing to share details about their proprietary file formats, and the PES format is quite complex and often updated: Decrypting version 1.0 was already a challenge and chances are low StitchBuddy will ever be able to write the other versions, sad story told.

As a bypass you might be able to use a different file format supported by your embroidery machine: The best alternative is the PEC format: It originates from Brother, too, and uses the same colors, but doesn’t come with a size limitation. Please check if your embroidery machine can handle a PEC file.

In case it doesn’t, a DST file might work: this Tajima file format is accepted by most Brother machines. Unfortunately a DST file does not hold any color information, but only commands when a thread needs to be changed (common practice with professional embroidery file formats like DST, EXP, KSM). You can preserve color information at least within StitchBuddy using the following steps:

By choosing a thread chart, extended color information is saved with the design, so StitchBuddy will continue to show the DST file with the original colors. Unfortunately neither other programs nor your embroidery machine can handle this additional information and will use random colors or grayscale the design. Due to this fact I’d prefer the approach via PEC files if your machine can handle these.