Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different purchase options?

Basically there are three different scenarios:

  1. You’re fine with browsing / searching and printing embroidery designs and don’t want to make modifications: In this case the free (trial) version of StitchBuddy is sufficient (even for making batch conversions into other file formats)
  2. You want to modify existing designs, and / or use simple (manually created) shapes to be outlined or filled: "StitchBuddy Pro" (USD 49.99) is required to save any design with more than 1,000 stitches. I’m aware this limitation allows only very small designs, but these are sufficient to test editing capabilities. Please be aware that even the paid "Pro" version has some size limitations regarding Brother PES designs as StitchBuddy can only save PES v1.0 files with a maximum size of 5“ x 7“ (130 mm x 180 mm). More details and potential bypasses can be found in this FAQ article. I would consider "StitchBuddy Pro" the standard feature set most users need
  3. If you want to create shapes based on letters or SVG imports you need "StitchBuddy Creator" (USD 29.99): Without it only Helvetica or Times New Roman fonts can be used for letter shapes and only the first path of an SVG file is imported. Technically speaking this purchase is independent from "StitchBuddy Pro“, but of course most created designs will exceed the 1,000 stitches limitation, so a Pro purchase was made a prerequisite for this option to avoid confusions.
Please test StitchBuddy thoroughly if it fulfills your requirements, and decide about the „StitchBuddy Pro“ purchase if you need editing capabilities. „StitchBuddy Creator“ might become a later option, but I’d rather start small and learn about options and limitations using the free trial options…

Charges in other currencies are depending on Apple's exchange rates and taxes applied in the app store.