File Management and more

The design gallery of StitchBuddy HD 3.3 has been completely reworked, now featuring a similar experience like Apple's Files app, Numbers or Pages: Various storage locations can be accessed directly from the app, including USB drives. Operations like move / copy / delete (and even converting into other embroidery formats) can be performed with multiple files and folders selected. In addition the menu structure had been redesigned, offering a much cleaner look & feel.

The video is illustrating the new file management options, but is also providing some insights how to work with designs: I'm using Split View on iPads to merge designs, convert a designs while keeping its thread colors, and detail on options to share. Watch this tutorial to learn about new capabilities or get a first peak into StitchBuddy HD (I have include some jump marks in the YouTube description for your convenience).

StitchBuddy HD 3.3 requires iOS / iPadOS 15.