Spring cleaning

Both StitchBuddy apps have been recently updated: StitchBuddy HD 3.3 takes mobile embroidery file management to the next level. Please check out the corresponding video tutorial and learn about new possibilities, e.g. direct access to USB pen drives, so you can transfer designs to your embroidery machine with your iPhone or iPad. I have decided to increase the pricing of "StitchBuddy Pro" on iOS to USD 19.99, reflecting these new capabilities. It's the first price increase for over ten years, and of course all existing customers will keep their license as is.

StitchBuddy 3.2.6 (macOS) comes only with a minor improvement, and in addition I fixed a long-lasting bug in CraftSale (an inventory app especially for people selling textiles at markets or fairs).

Enjoy a wonderful spring 2024!

StitchBuddy HD 3.3 - Public Beta


StitchBuddy HD for iPad / iPhone is entering its beta phase, introducing enhanced file management capabilities and a fresh user interface


StitchBuddy HD 3.2.5 released

I just released a new update of StitchBuddy HD (for iPhone / iPad): Version 2.3.5 will mostly catch up with recent core additions and corrections which were already incorporated into StitchBuddy for Mac:

  • Gunold Poly thread chart added
  • Reading VP3 designs fixed
  • Janome RE36b hoop orientation corrected
  • Icon preview of EXP designs added
The last one is extremely important as a redesigned StitchBuddy HD - as mentioned in this forum discussion - would rely on iOS capabilities for gallery thumbnails. Melco EXP designs were unsupported due to a conflicting file extensions (which is already claimed by some Apple system files). I was able to fix it at least for thumbnails (previews are still not supported).

Don't hesitate to contact me (or reply to this discussion) if any unforeseen issue occurs

StitchBuddy Community goes live!


Finally, StitchBuddy users have a home base to connect and share experiences!


StitchBuddy 3.2.3 fixing VP3 import

Apple has just approved StitchBuddy 3.2.3 which is a small bug fix to improve the import of VP3 designs: On rare occasions threads were still positioned at wrong offsets - a topic already addressed back in 2014 (link). After some extensive testing (including beta testing by the user reporting this issue) I'm confident it's finally fixed…