Website relaunched

I relaunched StitchBuddy’s website with a complete new layout: The old version was designed with Apple’s iWeb, which I found sufficient for a small product page when I started with JEFview over two years ago.

In the meantime StitchBuddy, its website, and my requirements have grown and I wasn’t satisfied with the more or less limited iWeb look. When I realized the website couldn’t be viewed with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, I decided to switch the web design (although MSIE users aren’t in focus as potential StitchBuddy customers).

RapidWeaver is my web editor of choice as it combines the easy use of templates with the flexibility of HTML coding. While searching for more sophisticated templates I stumbled over the Chameleon theme from Elixir, a very versatile and sleek design. The most work was to recreate the FAQ section, based on a blog before. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice the comment feature. Anyway, feel free to contact me by mail and I will incorporate useful hints ...