StitchBuddy 3.2.3 fixing VP3 import

Apple has just approved StitchBuddy 3.2.3 which is a small bug fix to improve the import of VP3 designs: On rare occasions threads were still positioned at wrong offsets - a topic already addressed back in 2014 (link). After some extensive testing (including beta testing by the user reporting this issue) I'm confident it's finally fixed…

StitchBuddy 3.2.2 released

Apple has just approved a minor - and of course free - update of StitchBuddy for Mac: While the Gunold Poly thread chart was already waiting for quite a time - it will be added to StitchBuddy HD on iOS in the next release - a reported issue was calling for action: When opening the color picker thread colors were changed unintentionally under rare conditions.


macOS Sonoma is coming up


Apple has announced that macOS 14 "Sonoma" will be released September 26th, 2023, and StitchBuddy is well prepared.


Add lock stitches / reverse stitch order


With StitchBuddy v3.2 some improvements were introduced, especially for working with shapes: Lock stitches can be added before and after jumps to avoid dissolving designs, and the stitch order of a selection can be reverted.


Filling shapes improved


The last days I have massively improved the order in which shapes are filled: StitchBuddy had issues with objects stacked in stitch direction.