Adding text and importing SVG files


StitchBuddy 3.1.0 is introducing the next level of adding shapes to your designs: Now you can add shapes by typing text with all fonts installed in macOS. In addition you can import SVG files and use their paths as shapes to be outlined or filled with stitches.


StitchBuddy loves Ventura


Apple has released macOS 13 "Ventura", and again StitchBuddy is ready for the most recent operating system for your Mac…


StitchBuddy 3.0 - more creative!


StitchBuddy v3.0 is introducing first digitizing capabilities! Add shapes as outlines or fills to your embroidery designs…


In-App purchases on macOS - fixed

The last days I released two bugfix versions of StitchBuddy for Mac: In-App purchases of StitchBuddy Pro were ignored if a customer had requested a refund for a former purchase and after that bought StitchBuddy Pro again. Honestly, I didn't test this constellation properly, but with the help of the affected customer - sending some extensive logging - I was able to identify and fix the issue with StitchBuddy v2.19.3.

Maybe this release was a quick shot because when reviewing related code I found that under rare conditions StitchBuddy Pro might not be considered as available in a customer's App Store - although it is. I'm confident this potential issue was fixed with StitchBuddy 2.19.4, although a final confirmation "from the field" is still missing.

My apologies to all users affected by those bugs … I appreciate your error reports and your patience and support during the analysis.

StitchBuddy HD crash - fixed

I was just made aware that StitchBuddy HD 2.19.1 is crashing when a design should be sent by mail. Actually it's working when a PDF of the embroidery is sent, but not with the original file.

Update: A corrected version 2.19.2 was submitted and approved by Apple barely one day after the error was reported.

StitchBuddy 2.19 - Minor Changes

I just released StitchBuddy 2.19 for Mac - the update for iPadOS / iOS is still in Apple's review process. While I changed a lot internally, preparing for some exciting features to come, the visible changes are only minor ones:

  • A new thread chart (Durak Poly-Soft) was added, which is an inexpensive Turkish brand, becoming popular in Europe
  • StitchBuddy is retrieving news to be shown at app launch. This option can be disabled for specific news or in general. No personal data will be used for this service (refer to privacy policy)

Enjoy the update and I'd love to have your rating or even a review in Apple's App Stores.