Let's Rock!

I’m back home and finally grabbed some sleep after a three-days rock festival: „Rock am Ring“ was just great. Unfortunately live acts had to be suspended at Friday night due to a terrorism alert and the whole area was evacuated. But 85,000 people were reacting pretty cool and the party could be resumed the next day. Don’t let terrorism and fear control your life!

Thanks for your patience as I couldn't answer as fast as I used to the last days: Mobile coverage was pretty bad and most time I was completely offline. I know that some people are criticizing the decision to remove StitchBuddy’s Dropbox support, but it is the best option considering my resources and possible future developments. I’m sorry for the inconveniences you might have migrating your files, please be aware that Dropbox syncing in StitchBuddy will STOP working June 28th!

One final word to my long and loyal customers: Please add a rating or even a review in Apple’s App Stores to share your opinion with others and support me and my work. Due to the recent updates all existing reviews were moved from current pages into archives. Please post updates to make your reviews prominent again. Thank you so much for your time and support!