JEFview released

My wife bought a Janome MC350E last year and started to collect embroidery files. It’s easy to transfer them from her Apple iBook to the embroidery machine as the Janome supports USB memory sticks: Just plug the stick into the iBook, copy JEF files into the right folder and you’re done.

Unfortunately previewing designs isn’t that easy: Although the touchscreen of the Janome shows thumbnail images, there’s no way to identify designs in the Finder of Mac OS X.

I used the Christmas season to dive into Objective-C, Cocoa and Quick Look development, and finally JEFview is released. It integrates as a Quick Look plugin into Mac OS X, and now JEF embroideries show their design in the Finder and can be previewed by hitting the spacebar.

JEFview can be downloaded and used for free.