Do you know "Automator"?


Sometimes users ask me for a batch conversion feature in StitchBuddy: They want to convert multiple embroidery files into other formats or graphics without the need to repeat the same operation manually for every single file. I'm currently working on a solution based on Apple's Automator: With this application every user will be able to easily define workflows with embroidery designs, e.g. exporting PDF files, combining them into a single document, or importing these files into Photos, or converting PES files into DST, or … The options are countless!

Automator workflows can be used as single applications or as "Services" e.g. to the context menu of files / folders. They can even be linked to folders and perform their actions automatically whenever a file is copied into these folders.

In my opinion Automator is a very powerful utility and definitely worthwhile to look into. But it seems only few macOS users know about it, so I will provide some video tutorials with examples with StitchBuddy actions once these are available.

How about you, do you know Automator? Feel free to comment on StitchBuddy's Facebook page