Embroidery everywhere

Today I'm proud to announce a new StitchBuddy product being available:

StitchBuddy View

StitchBuddy View is a small version of StitchBuddy HD, and gives you all your embroidery designs in a pocket:

Without editing features it was possible to make StitchBuddy View small enough to fit on your iPhone / iPod Touch: Search all designs in a gallery, view your embroideries down to stitch level, and share designs with others. StitchBuddy View integrates with your Dropbox, so you just set up the synchronization and all designs are automatically updated between your computer, iPad, and iPhone. Just like that.

And even better: On the iPad StitchBuddy View offers the same interface as StitchBuddy HD, giving you a crisp view of every design detail, and you can exchange designs between both versions using the Dropbox synchronization.

StitchBuddy View is available in Apple's App Store and it is FREE!