StitchBuddy Community goes live!


Finally, StitchBuddy users have a home base to connect and share experiences!

Over the years StitchBuddy has built up quite a user base, and all the time I was looking for options to host a community: A public space to share news, collect ideas and provide help - not only by email, but in discussions with others.

For various reasons the usual social media platforms and web forums didn't fit, either due to data privacy concerns, or by respecting their netiquettes about advertising. Starting 2024 I'm able to contribute some more time to StitchBuddy, and decided to launch a dedicated user forum.

Feel free to join and connect with others about StitchBuddy. Don't hesitate to ask questions, raise suggestions, give advice, and let's have a good time! I will be around and chime in, occasionally (plus moderating if needed).

Looking forward to meeting you!