StitchBuddy HD / View v2.13.0


StitchBuddy's move to iCloud is completed, update required for Dropbox users!

StitchBuddy HD / StitchBuddy View v2.13.0 is available in Apple's App Store, and now all apps are supporting iCloud Drive for file synchronization.

As mentioned in my last postings, iCloud Drive offers a better integrated and more robust synchronization of your embroidery files: You can use iCloud Drive on your Windows or Mac computer, or even a web browser to upload / download designs. These files are automatically transferred in the background and accessible by all StitchBuddy apps on your devices. New designs just magically appear even if you're currently browsing in the design gallery.

Existing designs need to be migrated into iCloud if you have used Dropbox for StitchBuddy's synchronization in the past: Just enable iCloud synching on your iPhone / iPad and choose the option to move designs into iCloud. Don't worry, you can still work with all files without an internet connection. Please be aware that according to their announcement StitchBuddy's synching with Dropbox will stop working at June 28th. More details about iCloud synching are mentioned in this FAQ article.

All changes of StitchBuddy v2.13.0 are listed in the version history.

Update your copy for free and please leave a rating or even a review in Apple's App Store to share your opinion with others. If you already have reviewed StitchBuddy I would very much appreciate an update. Thank you for your support!