Dropping iOS 5.x support?

It seems I have to drop iOS 5.x support: Zooming into designs requires memory the 1st generation iPad lacks, causing the app to crash. Unfortunately without a notification beforehand, there is nothing I can do to avoid this situation, and the loss of work is possible. After restarting the iPad things work for a while, and on all newer iPads (with more memory) the problem does not exist at all.

StitchBuddy HDI already received a negative rating for this reason, and restricting it (and StitchBuddy View) to iOS 6.x is the only way to exclude the first iPad model. I know this will leave 1st generation iPad owners without further updates, and I am really sorry for this forced decision. Just be assured that the next additional feature would be iOS 6.x only anyway: Facebook and Twitter integration…

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Update: Another option is to continue iOS 5.x support, and add a warning to the App Store's description that 1st generation iPads might face this issue … I'm still indecisive.